Contract Drilling

Soil Consultants, Inc. provides contract drilling services for sites located on land, near shore, and over water. We have capabilities for soil sampling, intermediate material sampling, and rock coring as well as monitor well installation and abandonment. We perform contract drilling assignments using the program elements requested by our clients. Our drilling crews are knowledgeable and experienced with Department of Transportation field practices in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.

SCI investigations obtain client-required information by drilling and sampling boreholes, performing in situ tests and installing instrumentation. Sampling techniques include standard penetration testing with split-barrel samplers, cone penetration tests, thin-walled tube sampling, piston sampling, auger sampling, and bulk sampling. We perform in situ vane shear tests. Our instrumentation installation services include, but are not limited to, monitoring wells, slope inclinometer casings, extensometers, and nested installations.

Rig Inventory


  • Truck-mounted (3)
  • Track-mounted (3)
  • Adverse terrain ATV (1)
  • Marsh buggy (1)
  • Tripod (1)
  • Cone penetrometer skid-steer (1)

Truck-Mounted Drilling

We have three truck-mounted rigs available for exploration programs.

Track-Mounted Drilling

Difficult access is no issue for our track mounted equipment.

Adverse Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Drilling

This rubber-tired vehicle provides access to wooded sites where paths have been cleared to provide access.

Marsh Buggy Drilling

We perform drilling in near shore coastal environments using our full-size marsh buggy rig. This custom built rig permits acquisition of subsurface data in challenging marshy and low water environments.

Tripod Drilling

When access just can’t be reached by truck, track or ATV equipment, tripod drilling can be used to gain subsurface data. 

Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)

With our skid-mounted CPT, we can perform CPT testing in developed areas or areas with tight access.